FCC adopts net neutrality rules to ban Internet discrimination – Yahoo Finance


Federal regulators moved forward on Thursday with a net neutrality plan to protect openness on the Internet by treating the online world more like heavily regulated telecommunications markets.

This is good news I think. The Internet needs to be a level playing field and open for all.

FCC adopts net neutrality rules to ban Internet discrimination – Yahoo Finance


The president of NBC News just sent this memo about Brian Williams to employees – Yahoo Finance


On Wednesday Williams, NBC News’ top anchor, confessed he “bungled” a story he had told on air about being in a helicopter that was shot down by an RPG in 2003. His admission came after multiple soldiers questioned the tale, which he has told on multiple occasions, and revealed he was actually not in the aircraft.

The president of NBC News just sent this memo about Brian Williams to employees – Yahoo Finance

Ferguson, Michael Brown and America, Deep Issues


The tension in Ferguson, MO over the Michael Brown case is back in the national attention these days with the grand jury convening on whether or not to charge the police officer involved in the shooting. Without going into a huge discussion here because I am not an expert in the situation I hope that no matter what happens cooler heads will prevail, peace will be there in the chaos and most importantly justice needs to prevail. His parents need to have some closure down the way, no matter what. The deeper issues involved here are a indication of a deeper national issue on race. America needs to be a more unified place but until we have reconciliation, redemption and restoration then we have a long way to go before situations like what we are seeing are no longer an issue.

All we are saying is give peace a chance as The Beatles once sang.

The Price of Milk


The cost of everything is going up. Milk a staple in the homes of people around the country is not immune to the price increases we see in your nearby supermarket. I paid over $4 for a half gallon today. Drought and demand are driving the prices up. Milk was much cheaper earlier in the year and the prices crept up to where they are now which is $5-6 per gallon.

Think of what we love to eat and drink and how those things will be a little more expensive. Milk is a big part of our lives so we will have to live with the price increase.

BREAKING: Malaysia Airlines to families: ‘None of those on board survived’



The families of passengers aboard the missing Malaysia Airlines jet have been sent text messages telling them that the plane been “lost.”

This is heartbreaking news for the families who have been waiting for weeks for information. So many people have been holding out hope of some good news. Today that news was one of great sadness. God bless those who were lost in this crash.

BREAKING: Malaysia Airlines to families: ‘None of those on board survived’

Justin Bieber


OK, I don’t blog about Justin Bieber all that much, it’s strange for me to even be mentioning him but here we go. It’s reported he allegedly threw eggs at his neighbors house and then there are some issues about drugs too. Dude, you need to get your life together and surround yourself with better people. I don’t understand when really popular and successful people do crazy things like this. We all make mistakes however some are just mystifying. Bieber is a talented person but he needs to be more responsible for his actions. Singing will only get you so far.


In Memory of the Sandy Hook Elementary shootings in Newtown, Connecticut. One year ago today.

Remember these people and all who have perished in gun violence in the past year. Let there be peace on Earth.


OED Word of the Year: ‘selfie’

“Selfie” beats “bitcoin,” “olinguito,” “twerk” and “schmeat,” say Oxford English Dictionary editors. 2013’s word of the year, ‘selfie’ refers to “a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website.” The mid-to-late noughties’ MySpace era cemented the word’s significance to social network users, but the OED committee noted that 2013 saw a 17,000% increase in the use of the word. “The earliest evidence that we know of at the moment is Australian,” said dictionary editor Katherine Martin, adding that the word’s construction “fits in with a tendency in Australian English to make cute, slangy words with that ‘ie’ ending.”