Tumblr and WordPress


For the past couple of weeks I have been blogging on both Tumblr and WordPress. My reasons for doing so is to have a redundant solution for blogging. In the light of the changes happening with Yahoo’s intentions for Tumblr I feel that using both would be a smart thing. WordPress seems to be a stable, suitable blogging community that anyone could migrate to and maintain relationships with fellow bloggers from across the world.

My advice for what its worth is for every person on Tumblr to have a alternative ready to migrate to. There are fewer options these days unfortunately so making a decision is a personal one. Many folks who like to create original posts would find WordPress a great place. However those who do mostly reblogging of fandom stuff will find it harder to migrate. You can import your Tumblr blog to WordPress very easily.

So my friends know I am not going anywhere. There are a lot of people I have made great friendly connections with here on Tumblr and I don’t want to lose any of you. Thanks for your friendship and common bond.




Yahoo bought Tumblr last year for over a $1 billion. They have every right to use it as they see fit. However they will keep the best interest of shareholders in mind and the users of the site will come second. Getting used to the brave new world of ads on our dashboard is something we will have to do. I do predict at some point our actual blogs will have some sort of advertising on them. 

I hope that Tumblr does not become another Facebook clone but we will have to wait and see. Some users are thinking about alternatives and considering options for the future. I am already ready for the future.

My Experiment With WordPress


I am experimenting with WordPress the popular blogging platform. My reason for doing so is to see how it works as a social blogging system. I will share my findings with you and let you know what my experience is. Some day we might have to migrate there because Tumblr could radically be different because of Yahoo. My advice is to open a blog there and test it for yourself. Stay tuned for more information.

Marissa Mayer is doing a huge shakeup at Yahoo and Tumblr will never be the same – UK.Businessinsider.com


Perhaps now we should be a little concerned. Things have been great for the Tumblr user but what will this news mean? I hope Yahoo won’t screw this up, but history isn’t always on its side. 

Marissa Mayer is doing a huge shakeup at Yahoo and Tumblr will never be the same – UK.Businessinsider.com

Thank You For The Last 20 Years – Yahoo!


Happy Birthday to Yahoo, the web portal, search engine and pioneer of what we know as the World Wide Web. Without their vision and determination our Internet Experience would be radically different. Many people over the years have relied upon Yahoo to help them navigate the Internet and to discover exciting things. Also there’s the famous Yahoo email service that still is relevant and useful to millions. So here’s to twenty more years of making the web a better and more accessible place. 

Thank You For The Last 20 Years – Yahoo!

FCC adopts net neutrality rules to ban Internet discrimination – Yahoo Finance


Federal regulators moved forward on Thursday with a net neutrality plan to protect openness on the Internet by treating the online world more like heavily regulated telecommunications markets.

This is good news I think. The Internet needs to be a level playing field and open for all.

FCC adopts net neutrality rules to ban Internet discrimination – Yahoo Finance

The Problem With Web Searches


How come web searches now look like more ways to get you to see ads. I know its all about search engine optimization and that sort of thing. All one wants to do is get the best information on their topic without having to wade through the irrelevant stuff or sites that look nice until you realize they are nothing but ways to sell you stuff you really don’t need. Back in the early days of Yahoo it was much easier to find something on the topic you wanted because then humans had more control over how searches were presented and sites curated.

All I wanna know more about is how to alleviate a snoring issue. Should be easy enough but nope.