Attention Church Goers, Yeah You


If you are a church goer please think about how your act to those who don’t go to church. Non-believers are looking and watching and sometimes they aren’t impressed. Remember that Ghandi once said he likes our Christ but its the “Christians” he isn’t crazy about.


All Saints Day


Today is All Saints Day in the Christian tradition. Many have had loved ones leave this world to become saints themselves. My grandmother is one of those new saints. Let each of us remember those who are gone and may we honor their lives by doing things that make this world a better place. Practice for our own sainthood if you will.

Not everyone is a Christian but they can remember those who have passed and remember their goodness and light they gave to family, friends and their community.

Love Thy Neighbors (Gay, straight and otherwise)


I am a Christian who has friends who are Christian and gay and some are even married. A relationship that manifests itself in love between two people who want to spend the rest of their lives together is something that is worth supporting. Instead of wasting energy on the debate of sin how about extending grace and love as Christ commanded (not suggested). I find it helpful to be a neighbor to someone who is different than me and try to understand their lives. In the fight of semantics and sin we have forgotten a the more serious issues of  people who are going hungry, homeless, violence in our streets and suffering of the sick.

Faith Talk


I have found it’s easier to share and express my faith on Tumblr than it is on Facebook. Many more people here are open minded and come from diverse backgrounds. Not everyone agrees with me here but that is OK. I enjoy respectful dialogue that seems to be thought provoking. I am grateful to you all for giving me the freedom to talk faith from a liberal and intellectual perspective.


UnChristian: A Book I Am Reading

At the suggestion of my pastor I am reading this book to see why folks are turning away from the church and religion. There are a lot of reasons and they are legitimate ones too. I will be sharing with you what I am learning.

For my newbies I am a believer/Christian however I come from an inclusive/liberal perspective. I will never bash anyone over the head with the Bible, its not my style. Jesus is cool but people don’t see that because some of his followers can be jerks (including me sometimes).

No matter your faith perspective, I hope you will learn something and ask me relevant questions.

Concerned About My Faith


Our faith is so fragmented where there are different traditions, theology, liturgy, expression and the like. Add politics and then you have a volatile mix that has impacted the church where there have been splits in congregations, denominations and even more. People don’t want to be challenged and increasingly want to be spoon fed. We are seeing more legalism, fundamentalism and insecurity. I fear for Christianity and its future. Yes, its more than a religion, its a relationship but you have to bear the load of all the rest at times.

Christian in Sudan sentenced to death for faith; ‘I’m just praying,’ husband says


This is a tragic and yes troubling situation of a woman choosing her religion and how she worships God. In this situation the woman is pregnant. Religious liberty and the right to worship in the tradition one choses should be extended to everyone, everywhere.

Christian in Sudan sentenced to death for faith; ‘I’m just praying,’ husband says