Time Does March On


Yesterday can feel like last week. Last week can feel like last month, last month can feel like six months ago, a year can feel like and eternity. When it comes to time it is indeed hard to believe how fast it goes. We are never standing still, always moving, always changing. Time does march on and we are always on the move. So when you think about it we are all time travelers.

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WordPress Report, Yeah I Like


Friends, my time with WordPress has been a positive experience. There are a lot of people doing creative and original things there. A lot of full featured posts with in-depth writing and sharing of ideas and experiences.

What I have discovered is that as a social platform its not the greatest, well Tumblr has its shortcomings too but that’s beside the point. This is a platform for all ages but its a place where you will find a more mature audience. 

The site gives you loads of customizing options along with lots of ways to connect with others across the web. At its heart its a content management system where you control what you want to post. One can cross-post to Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

It is not as easy as Tumblr so you have to do some homework and lots of experimenting to make things work the way you want.

It has a dashboard like feature where you can read blogs you are following and it has a built in commentary system. You can’t do anything anonymously there which is something I like very much. They put a lot into keeping spam to a minimum. 

As I discover more, I will share with you what I find. I will admit I like it a lot and I need to figure out how to use both sites to expand my social reach and to be more engaged with fellow bloggers. 

I advise to go ahead and claim the name you want there. If things go south quick with Tumblr you want to be ready to pick up your posting elsewhere. Hopefully your followers will migrate with you.

My Experiment With WordPress


I am experimenting with WordPress the popular blogging platform. My reason for doing so is to see how it works as a social blogging system. I will share my findings with you and let you know what my experience is. Some day we might have to migrate there because Tumblr could radically be different because of Yahoo. My advice is to open a blog there and test it for yourself. Stay tuned for more information.

My Blog, Exclusively At Tumblr


I have been with Tumblr for a few years and I have a good audience of fellow bloggers here. I feel I can express myself adequately here and I think it keeps things simple when there is one place to find me. Recently I bought a custom domain name and linked it to this blog so I have simplified how folks from all over can connect to me.

With millions of users around the world Tumblr is the place to be. Others use Tumblr as a supplement to their online lives and that’s fine. WordPress and Blogger are good places too but I think the Tumblr platform is where smart, creative, unique and real people can share things they are doing. Individuals can also connect with others experiencing the same journey in life.

I see writers flocking here because they can inspire and get inspired to do amazing work. You also see photographers, musicians and other artists sharing what they do best here. 

So you will find me exclusively blogging on this crazy site called Tumblr and if you follow me on Facebook and Twitter you can see links of my posts here. Thank you to all who read my posts and don’t think I am a total bore. Keep on blogging friends. 



Some folks are passionate about one thing or another in their lives. We care deeply about things in popular culture and when someone says things that is upsetting then it can be tough. Everyone has the right to be here and perhaps some respect and courtesy should be shown. I hate when folks have to get away because some in the community don’t understand the context or background of an issue and they have to fight a battle to enlighten others. Respect is a two-way street and I resolve to do my part to keep the peace.