He is risen, he is risen indeed. Happy Easter to all!

Today is a new day, the resurrection day.  I believe Jesus is an example of redemption, justice, grace, peace and reconciliation. On this day of new life and a body restored and regenerated may we all find something new to make our lives free of sorrow, pain and suffering. Jesus always had a good time and he was with people on the fringes of society. His disciples were a rag tag group of everyday people who dropped everything and followed him without fear. 

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Happy New Year Work


I am back at work after being off for New Year’s Day. I really hate being off in the middle of the week because it really ruins my rhythm at work. It is also frustrating that you have to return to work the next day. Well its better than not having the holiday off I suppose. I am glad to have a good job to return to though. 

Lets get to work and make today the best it can be. Rock on good people. 

After Holiday


I think the holidays can be a time of joy and stress. The build up to Christmas can wear out everyone. Parties, preparation and travel takes its toll. Families and friends are awesome but they can add to the stress. Now that it’s all done many are left exhausted and needing a break. Some have a vacation while others return to work. Either way it can be nice to return to normal routines. Take care my friends. Be well.

Holiday Junk Food


I suppose there is one time of year you give yourself permission to have a high amount of junk food. You know its not good for you but you know its all good. Savory and sweet treats are plentiful and you feel kind of sick after your 3rd cup of egg nog. 

As a diabetic I should know better but this is a holiday where I want to celebrate and enjoy. Oh well, January 1st is only 8 days away, time for that resolution I won’t be keeping.


The Lighted Boat Parade on the Tennessee River – This is a traditional event kicking off the holiday season. Watercraft of all sizes deck out in lights and parade around the Tennessee Riverpark and North Shore areas.


Happy Veterans Day to all those who have served and sacrificed in the defense of America as well as peace keeping around the world. Men and women who wear the uniform of their nation are truly heroes who are deserving of our love and respect. They run into danger and put themselves into harms way. Their families are to be thanked for their sacrifices too.