Time Does March On


Yesterday can feel like last week. Last week can feel like last month, last month can feel like six months ago, a year can feel like and eternity. When it comes to time it is indeed hard to believe how fast it goes. We are never standing still, always moving, always changing. Time does march on and we are always on the move. So when you think about it we are all time travelers.

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I think friendship is something unique and personal to the individuals who are connected to one another. All I have ever wanted in a friendship is to know I am liked and appreciated. There is value in these voluntary relationships because they offer companionship and support. I don’t ask much from my friendships. No one should take friends for granted because they are hard to come by. I am not the best at friendships for some reason. I think I’m a okay bloke but sometimes I wonder. Friendship is indeed a two way street though.

Rambling About…


Sometimes our posts like life isn’t pretty. Blogging comes from the heart. You can write something magnificent one day and the next it isn’t coming at all. We all have times in life when our imperfections get the best of us. Never be afraid to show the rough edges and things that need polishing up a bit. I think what I am saying here is be real and authentic in life, that is what people want to see. Be good even when you feel not so good. 

Life Pro Tip


Don’t let your work keep you away from people and things you love. Working is important and each of us has a calling in life to do something to provide for our families and to make the world a better place. Sometimes money changes everything. However don’t let that work get in the way of other things that are important to you. Balance is great if you can achieve it. 

Live Your Life


I think people just wanna be themselves. They want to take care of people they love in life. Life is hard enough in this day we live in without people trying to butt in unnecessarily. The key is to encourage one another, love your neighbors and respect peoples right to make their own way. Live your life on your own terms.