Rambling About Change


Change is a loaded word. It means being a new person and sometimes doing things a new way. Sometimes the old you isn’t all that bad. Change will do you good if you need it.


A perfect example of change is Microsoft Word. Over the years it has undergone many serious changes in features and design. Each version is improving on the previous one and making it a more powerful product. 

It is up to me to keep up with new things going on. Much has changed from XP to the newest versions and there is much to learn. I don’t mind it, it keeps my mind sharp and keeps me on my toes.

Technology is built on new ideas, new things and doing things differently. Adjusting to change is a part of life on the web on the desktop and on your mobile device. 

Change Is Gonna Come


Lamenting change is difficult. Things come and go and you have to accept it as a part of life. No matter if its family, faith, friendship transition and change are a part of it all. We can remember the good old days or we can do something new and different. Its all up to us to plot the course we will take. We are in a partnership with our higher power in the direction we take. 

I know a change gonna come, oh yes it will…Sam Cooke



Sometimes social media can inflame a situation. We must resist the desire to make things worse. We live in a time where its good to protest injustice but it needs to be done to make changes and not wreak havoc. Standing up for goodness is a responsibility as global citizens. We cant cause innocent people their safety or freedom to persue happiness. Being quick to judge can be a problem.