Liked Posts With Hearts


A post that receives a heart from a reader or a fellow blogger is an acknowledgement that your message was received and hopefully understood. When its good news we cheer with you. When you hurt we hurt with you. It doesn’t always mean your viewpoint is shared and agreed with but you took time to share it with the community. Thanks to everyone who takes time to do something new and original daily. Your message is what we need to see and hear. Keep on blogging good people.



Blogging can sometimes be a mutual admiration society. I like your post, you like mine. It’s a win-win situation. That is what makes this whole thing fun. Continue to be the star of your own blog and to keep on blogging as I always say.



So many of my posts are because of a spontaneous idea or inspiration that popped in my head. Posts that capture the moment that I’m in at the time are fun to share. I really like the instant gratification of being able to express myself in this way. However taking my time to fully develop my thoughts means making fewer mistakes in important things like grammar and punctuation. I’m grateful you see through the errors to understand what I am saying. Being spontaneous can be awesome it’s a highly creative way to blog. We should all be in the moment like that all the time. KeepIng your eyes and ears open to the everyday things in your world can give you a great source of material to write about.

Reality and Memories


Lately I have been talking about memories, reality and how they relate to one another. There are so many things in life where those things interface with each other. For me its how about how parts of my life have been impacted by memories that have been both good and bad. Reality means dealing with the here and now. That means life is to be lived in real time and you have to live in the moment. In my life there are some things I am dealing with where change is happening and most of it is out of my control. I guess Elsa in “Frozen” was right you have to “let it go” but that is never easy when you care a lot.

Sunday’s Rituals


We love Sundays. There are some rituals we have that make it special. Sharing time with each other is important to our marriage.

The things we love to do on Sundays are:

  • Breakfast. Either at home or out with friends.
  • Church. Spending time with God and our spiritual familiy.
  • Grocery Store. Sometimes we have to go there to eat Sunday dinner.
  • Saturday Night Live. Or as we call it Sunday Afternoon Recorded
  • Sunday Dinner. We like to have a nice dinner on our own or with our family or with friends after church.
  • Sunday Evening TV. Programs on PBS, ABC and sometimes BBC America.
  • Preparing For The Week Ahead. Psyching ourselves up for Monday morning.

We enjoy days like these. It is a spiritual thing that keeps us tied to one another, our family and our friends.

A New Take On Fake People


The notion that people are “all fake” is not fair. Perhaps its a matter of not knowing who one is. Giving someone some grace as they try to find their identity is the best thing we can do, even if it frustrates us. I think people are trying to find their way at all stages of life. The way we react to certain situations reveals who we are and some folks are inconsistent in how they cope. I think there are a lot of people who give off the “fake” vibe but you know we are all broken people. Being genuine takes a lot of intentional work but you know its nice to help people along the way be better.