Rambling About Original Posts


On occasion it would be good for a blog to feature an original post from the person curating its content. It doesn’t matter what type of post however if you post a lot of pictures a text post every now and then can break up the monotony. 

Even if you reblog a lot its good to connect personally with your followers. It really helps keep them interested in you and the other things you post. People who continue to follow your site will be the ones you want for the long haul. 

In my humble opinion a good blogger will establish a relationship with people who take time to check out your posts. That is what makes blogging special in that it’s a very social medium. Keep your readers coming back and interested it will help you and them enjoy the process.

Seasoned Tumblr’s


Older folks call Tumblr home too. When I mean older folks people in their 30’s and up. I am included in that grouping and we have a place here to share our lives and passions to a diverse community of fellow bloggers. We have a life story based upon experience and maturity that we want to tell. This platform is not the exclusive domain of any age group. I do find it refreshing that older bloggers tend to post original material about their real lives. To me that story is more interesting than anything in fiction although there’s nothing wrong with curating ones fandom along the way. Rock on seasoned Tumblr’s enjoy the journey and telling the world about it.

A Fresh Start With Your Blog


The best way in my opinion to start fresh with your blog doesn’t mean deleting your previous work. Yes sometimes you have to start from scratch but perhaps a change in focus and content is all you need. Perhaps changing your theme can help make your blog look and feel new. I think taking a day off from posting anything can help reset things for those who follow you.

Don’t be afraid to experiment a little with your posts too. I always prefer original posts so see what others are posting about for ideas for your own site. Have a great year of blogging ahead my friends. Yes the new year is a great time to do new things here on Tumblr. 



So many of my posts are because of a spontaneous idea or inspiration that popped in my head. Posts that capture the moment that I’m in at the time are fun to share. I really like the instant gratification of being able to express myself in this way. However taking my time to fully develop my thoughts means making fewer mistakes in important things like grammar and punctuation. I’m grateful you see through the errors to understand what I am saying. Being spontaneous can be awesome it’s a highly creative way to blog. We should all be in the moment like that all the time. KeepIng your eyes and ears open to the everyday things in your world can give you a great source of material to write about.