Is it me or is the world getting meaner…especially to those who are not the norm and the least of these. My outlook on life is positive but what I see in some segments of life, the media, etc. is not good. Very troubling times we live in. I pray and hope for peace and love. 


Rambling About un-Valentine’s


Love begins sometimes with yourself. If you find yourself alone or without attachments this valentine’s day go do something fun and be with people you like. Not everyone will have a sweetheart to spend time with. Romance is a lot of fun but sometimes you should set that aside for a season and learn what it is to love yourself more. 

Embrace how special you are. I have had a valentine for the last 16 years but before then it was a long dry spell for me during Valentine’s day. Spend time with others who are in the same situation. Declare your love for your group of friends and be good to yourself. Prepare yourselves for the next season of romance you will have, you never know when that will be. 

Rambling About New Love


Perhaps its time for some people to stop telling others who they can love and imposing laws preventing it. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness will be truly available to everyone when everyone can marry the person they chose. I believe in the traditions of love and family but I also believe that love and family are changing to include LGBTQ folks. Anything new scares people and new love scares people the most.