There is great power in forgiveness. Relief from the pain and suffering of being hurt is something we all need. It’s hard to forgive because it means having to let go of grudges and the things others have done to us. Pain is personal and it’s not easy to give grace to others sometimes. There is a saying that you can forgive but it’s hard to forget. Memory is powerful but forgiveness is more powerful.


Amazing Grace


I am grateful for the grace that has been given to me in abundance throughout my life. Lately its been demonstrated in a very big way. Grace is freely given, we don’t always deserve it, but when its there be grateful. Right now I am grateful for the ability to learn from mistakes in life I have made but because of the grace of others I can go on to live life anew. I do have to learn from it all though. Grace is truly amazing.

Peace, Joy and Grace


I think we all need more peace, joy and grace in our lives. Recognizing many are suffering so its hard to feel any peace, have any joy or experience grace in ones life. The chaos we are exposed to daily makes it hard to be positive when negative events surround us. Many want to hide from reality but its not the way to go though.

All we can do is keep our heads up and hope things will get better. Don’t let the drama of external things keep you from taking care of the important things internally. Work for peace in your lives, have some joy that can keep you going and experience the grace of forgiveness and mercy from a higher power or from others in your life.

Good Christian People


I want to say that Christians screw up, say things we shouldn’t and hurt people we love and like. In short we make the same mistakes as non-believers. Yes good Christian people are imperfect just like anyone. No matter what you hear everyone is a hypocrite about something. I know fellow Christians who say four-letter words out of no better word to say, sheer frustration and being hurt. Just because I am a follower of Jesus doen’t mean giving up my human card. We all have to seek forgiveness for the things we do wrong right, believer or not.