The Weather Currently

We have some nasty thunderstorms happening in Chattanooga at the moment. Heavy rains and wind. Kind of frightening if you ask me.


Hello Wednesday!


My college roommate said on Facebook that its a double whammy today…its tax day and its raining here in east Tennessee. Well not every day can be sunshine, puppies and happiness, although it would be great if it were. Today I am at work, doing good things for myself and for others so I guess there is a silver lining behind the rain clouds. Let us all have the best day possible given the…

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Let It Snow…In November?


The south isn’t known for snow during November. It’s amazing to see how much has fallen in areas that don’t usually get it this time of year. I have seen on Tumblr snow in South Carolina which is surprising and with friends on Facebook and Tumblr have shared pix of snow here in the Chattanooga and East Tennessee area. It’s amazing what is taking place around the region. I have seen good snowfall in southwest Virginia as well as Gatlinburg, TN.

Certainly its snowing elsewhere. What is the weather like where you are?