Is it me or is the world getting meaner…especially to those who are not the norm and the least of these. My outlook on life is positive but what I see in some segments of life, the media, etc. is not good. Very troubling times we live in. I pray and hope for peace and love. 


A Few Words On Sarcasm


Sometimes intense, biting sarcasm can reveal a very dark soul in people. It’s sad and comes across as mean and spiteful. I appreciate satire and some sarcasm as ways of delivering a serious message in a humorous way but it can go too far. Grace and some understanding would go a long way in fostering a better world. Perhaps we should all lighten up and not take things so seriously that we lose ourselves.

Peace Isn’t Easy


Peace is something everyone wants. Its peace in our hearts and minds, homes, neighborhoods, community, country and the world. For us to have peace it sometimes requires a fight for it. How we go about it is sometimes individual and sometimes corporate. From the our own streets and roads to places like Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt and more we all have to want weapons of mass destruction to be put down so that we can live free of conflict. Peace begins with the individual and it ripples out like water. It requires much work and some sacrifice. Friends lets learn to love and learn to live with one another in a peace that goes beyond all understanding. I pray to God for us all to have peace and love universally.