The Old Guy, The Younger Follower, How Does This Work?


I am a middle-aged dork and it always amazes me when I get younger followers. Many of them are like half my age. I am not all that cool y’all. Sometimes my efforts to be relevant come across as being silly or head shaking. Maybe people like genuine people no matter what time of life they are in.

Thanks for your interest and friendship anyway.

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A Person’s Choice


Every person has a choice. A choice to be awesome, kind, considerate, loving, or perhaps something else. We can choose to be jerks, mean, inconsiderate, cruel and crass. Our attitude and our response to others tells the world who we want to be. There’s little reason to be mean spirited. Of course some folks move between being nice and not so nice. Whatever your choice is, make it a good one. Kindness should always rule the day. Being nice is always in style.



I’m wondering if kindness is something people don’t know how to react to these days? Have we forgotten what being nice is and looks like. I hope we can see more kindness and respect in the world we live in, its needed more than ever.

Being Kind


Being kind is hard when someone is not always nice back. It’s something you do because it’s right and it can mean the difference in the lives of people who need it the most. Being kind can be hard but it’s rewarding. It also means being honest and genuine and that can be difficult in some relationships. It means offering grace to the undeserving sometimes but that is a good way to go. Be kind it’s what we all need. Kindness is a virtue.