Hello Wednesday!


My college roommate said on Facebook that its a double whammy today…its tax day and its raining here in east Tennessee. Well not every day can be sunshine, puppies and happiness, although it would be great if it were. Today I am at work, doing good things for myself and for others so I guess there is a silver lining behind the rain clouds. Let us all have the best day possible given the…

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I respect everyones right to post whatever they choose. Some things need not be seen by all eyes. Please tag your reblogs NSFW so that those who have sensitive eyes in their homes won’t have to see it. Your cooperation is gratefully appreciated. Tumblr Savior can be good for those who need filtering on their dashboard.

Redux, A Classic


I am now using the Tumblr classic Redux theme on my blog. It is clean layout that you can customize to your liking with some knowledge of .css style sheets. There’s nothing over the top fancy about it but perhaps ones message is the thing that should stand out, right?



The problem with being hyper-connected on different platforms is that people who might have a issue with your personal opinions might take offense. Yes its easy to say I don’t care what they think about what I am posting but when you live in community with them it makes it tough. Of course when some folks will try to tell you that your opinion is wrong then it becomes a situation where you have to go undercover. No one should have to do cloak themselves or what they feel. All any of us can do is to be ourselves and to keep on blogging.

Be A Good Tumblr Citizen


Respect our fellow bloggers. Be courteous and civil with those who might disagree with you. When making comments don’t hide behind the anonymous feature. Make your voice heard because this should be a place for everyone. Try not to take things so personally that it ruins your experience and your life. 

Be a good citizen of this site called Tumblr. It’s a huge community of diverse people who might not always understand one another. 

Rambling About Original Posts


On occasion it would be good for a blog to feature an original post from the person curating its content. It doesn’t matter what type of post however if you post a lot of pictures a text post every now and then can break up the monotony. 

Even if you reblog a lot its good to connect personally with your followers. It really helps keep them interested in you and the other things you post. People who continue to follow your site will be the ones you want for the long haul. 

In my humble opinion a good blogger will establish a relationship with people who take time to check out your posts. That is what makes blogging special in that it’s a very social medium. Keep your readers coming back and interested it will help you and them enjoy the process.