Yahoo bought Tumblr last year for over a $1 billion. They have every right to use it as they see fit. However they will keep the best interest of shareholders in mind and the users of the site will come second. Getting used to the brave new world of ads on our dashboard is something we will have to do. I do predict at some point our actual blogs will have some sort of advertising on them. 

I hope that Tumblr does not become another Facebook clone but we will have to wait and see. Some users are thinking about alternatives and considering options for the future. I am already ready for the future.




The problem with being hyper-connected on different platforms is that people who might have a issue with your personal opinions might take offense. Yes its easy to say I don’t care what they think about what I am posting but when you live in community with them it makes it tough. Of course when some folks will try to tell you that your opinion is wrong then it becomes a situation where you have to go undercover. No one should have to do cloak themselves or what they feel. All any of us can do is to be ourselves and to keep on blogging.

Rambling About Social Media


Blogging and other social media is something fun, something cool, something that gives one a platform to express yourself. It’s not supposed to be a chore or something that keeps you from enjoying other parts of your life. My goodness I have seen my share of drama on social media and it isn’t pretty. Call me a idealist but I think our words should enlighten, inspire and create good relationships. However we see the opposite. Friends lets come together, support one another and have fun…I repeat have fun. Enjoy this thing we call social media, take control of it, make it your own.

In 3D


When you see someone you know in person but mostly see them online its interesting. Today I saw a friend at the grocery store in the dairy section that I knew from middle and high school but we see each other on Facebook. Social media is a great thing but to tell you the truth seeing them in person is a very nice change. Exchanging greetings and physical contact is a great change. So meeting someone in 3D is very good, very real. 

Social On The Desktop


I prefer desktop versions of blogging and social media platforms than the app/mobile versions. Something about a real keyboard and a big screen. Of course its very hard to do a selfie with a laptop or desktop computer and it doesn’t look like you are straining.

Mobile has its place and is how a lot of people post what is going on in their lives but the clack clack of a physical keyboard is somewhat comforting. Also as one gets older it becomes harder to see a tiny screen so a bigger screen is what I prefer.