Rambling About Design


Some websites are designed with maximum flash. Such visual fireworks don’t always work for some users. When planning a website sensitivity to older computer systems and regions with slower web speeds should be a part of the overall plan. Designers need to realize that simple and minimal doesn’t have to mean boring. There’s nothing wrong with having function having a higher priority over style. Sites need to work with all platforms (Win, Mac, Linux) or else alienating some users. Technology needs to be inclusive when possible and how things work needs to make sense, that is good design. 

Typeface Change


I changed my typeface from the typewriter style to something more modern and rounded. The look was a little distorted and to me. This doesn’t change the overall feel of the blog I think. What do you think?


Something Retro, Something Blue – I am not talking about the TARDIS from Doctor Who, although it could apply here. In this case I am talking about my blog which now sports the Redux theme that was the long time default theme for new Tumblr users.

I am using a blue scheme for the text and background while implimenting a “typewriter” style typeface. I increased the font sizes on the main body and on the sidebar. The sidebar features icons to my other social sites and a Twitter widget. I removed the stock Twitter feed because it doesn’t work well and looked ugly if you ask me. There are also links to pages and other content on the blog too. I still have some further tweaking to do but this should serve me well for awhile.

Retro still gets the job done if you ask me. Keep on blogging my good people. Make blogging fun again!

Redux, A Classic


I am now using the Tumblr classic Redux theme on my blog. It is clean layout that you can customize to your liking with some knowledge of .css style sheets. There’s nothing over the top fancy about it but perhaps ones message is the thing that should stand out, right?

Backup Complete


I have backed up all my documents and most of my pictures to Google Drive and Google Plus Pictures. I now feel more secure and I think it will be nice to have them wherever I go. The price of backing up isn’t much at all and I wanted to get those documents in multiple places. I recommend to everyone have a backup solution that works for your individual needs. All the digital content we produce is important and having them stored properly is a must.