Me, The Sorta OK Writer


I don’t think of myself as a good writer, other than I like share what’s rattling around in my head. You won’t find my work on the shelves of a library or bookstore. For those who are better at this writing thing than I am I thank you for enjoying what I have to say. I am just doing this blogging thing with the rest of you.




Life brings us all sorts of people in our lives. Some are with you for decades and others for just a matter of days. Friendships are so fluid today. Sometimes our friendships can inspire us and lift us up while others bring us down. Old friends can be great but new friends can challenge you to do something different and renew your spirit.

There aren’t a lot of people I hang out with from when I was a teenager. Relationships can rotate throughout your life and that’s OK. People have lives that take them from place to place and you make connections where you are. Don’t be afraid to meet new people, they might be some of the best people you will ever meet.

A Word About My Elders


Tonight we went to a funeral home for visitation of a lady from church who passed away yesterday. This woman had a sweet, sweet spirit about her. She was faithful to Christ and our congregation. Pat will be missed.

One thing I never get used to is saying farewell to older folks who have meant a lot to me over the years. It was those people who accepted me when my peers didn’t. They showed me kindness, grace, love and respect. I appreciate each of them for the lessons they taught me.

So many great people have passed on over the years and as in life it will continue to happen. I will be spending more time saying farewell to these amazing people. The pain is a price for loving them.

Friends, older folks offer life experience that we all can learn from. Their stories of life, faith, fun and struggle remind us that we are all connected.

As a believer I know one day I will see them again and for that I have comfort. I will always have respect and reverence for my elders.

Share Your Story, Good and Not So Good


A blog that tells ones story can be a powerful way to connect with others. It tells about the happy times as well as the low points in ones life. Not everything is a bed of roses and we can relate to points in our lives where we have struggled a bit. Then there are wonderful events in our lives we want to preserve and share with others.

Be careful in how you pour your heart out though. Don’t reveal every possible thing because there are mean people out there that are waiting to tear you down.

Share your story in writing, pictures, video, sound….any way you like. Enjoy the process and make It a part of your life. I know there are good people out there who are going through the same things.

When Someone Leaves


When a favorite blogger leaves Tumblr for another platform or just leaves blogging it can be a sad day. You miss seeing their posts on your dash and there is a void to be filled. People get burned out or perhaps someone pushes them away because of what they said when they responded to a post. It is a shame when someone is bullied because they are just trying to be themselves. Friends, know you are appreciated as human beings and bloggers. Thanks for making my experience here fun and very interesting.