Rambling About Aging


If you are reading this post you are aging….yep even in you are in your early 20’s you are aging, getting older and hopefully wiser. It’s a part of your life you cannot avoid. With that being said there are some things you can do to enjoy the ride. It’s my goal to try to be myself and relate to those who are younger than me. To me age isn’t an issue in parts of your life where you have decided to grow in wisdom and experience. 

I was at Captain D’s, a fast service seafood restaurant tonight and I saw how many older folks who were there to take advantage of the senior specials on Wednesdays. They are living their lives and getting something to eat. On a night like this younger folks kind of stick out. It got me to thinking about getting older and I realized that I want to grow older but not in a grouchy old man way. I believe I have much to offer the world as I age. Of course I will try to avoid saying “well back in my day” because that comes across as a little patronizing. 

I call people I know well and my fellow bloggers friends. We have much to share and learn from one another. Lets have fun.


A Word About My Elders


Tonight we went to a funeral home for visitation of a lady from church who passed away yesterday. This woman had a sweet, sweet spirit about her. She was faithful to Christ and our congregation. Pat will be missed.

One thing I never get used to is saying farewell to older folks who have meant a lot to me over the years. It was those people who accepted me when my peers didn’t. They showed me kindness, grace, love and respect. I appreciate each of them for the lessons they taught me.

So many great people have passed on over the years and as in life it will continue to happen. I will be spending more time saying farewell to these amazing people. The pain is a price for loving them.

Friends, older folks offer life experience that we all can learn from. Their stories of life, faith, fun and struggle remind us that we are all connected.

As a believer I know one day I will see them again and for that I have comfort. I will always have respect and reverence for my elders.

Relatable and Relevant


As I get older (I turn 45 on the 29th of August BTW) I hope I don’t become grouchy and overly cynical….even jaded. I want to experience life fully and to have friendships with people of all ages. Learning new things and having new experiences can be fun. Being relatable and relevant can make you feel timeless. No matter my age I want to meet them where they are in life and to be a friend and not some old guy who tells them how things should be done.

I hope, I never


I hope I never get to old or jaded so I can’t appreciate and relate to those different and younger than me. Having friends and contacts from all ages and races is exciting and life enhancing. Being relevant while being true to ones self is a good thing. I want to learn from others and I hope others will learn from me. Thanks to my many friends of all generations. I want to be a friend to you all.

Age to Age


As you get older things don’t work the way they used to. It’s easy to complain about the aches and pains of life when your body isn’t cooperating with you. If you think you are immune to this, think again. Many of us already have issues that we like to share with others. Everyone gets older. We cannot avoid aging and the issues that come with it. I hope as I get older I will do so with grace and might be able to help others understand all the things that go along with it. As a person in his 40’s I hope to have a spirit of open mindedness and peace as my body doesn’t work so well as I go on throughout life.