Me, The Sorta OK Writer


I don’t think of myself as a good writer, other than I like share what’s rattling around in my head. You won’t find my work on the shelves of a library or bookstore. For those who are better at this writing thing than I am I thank you for enjoying what I have to say. I am just doing this blogging thing with the rest of you.


Text Posts Are Awesome


I love text posts. They are what blogging should be about. When you take the time to write something it tells a great story about you. Readers who pause to read your posts want to get to know more about your story. Tumblr is in my opinion a little heavy on the pix and gifs. Maybe writing about why you like the things you like can make a deeper connection with those who follow you.

The Thing About Yoga


On Thursdays I do a Yoga class at my church (yes Yoga in a church) and it has helped me stretch and get some exercise. There is something about clearing your head and letting someone else have control. Of course it takes you some time to get used to the practice of it all. As a believer in Christ it’s much the same thing. Clearing my heart and head and letting Him in to help me go through the exercise that is life can make me a better person. Being stretched in faith is like being stretched in Yoga, there are some challenges. However when you get the hang of it your life can change for the better. So Yoga at Church isn’t such a bad thing.