Everyone Is A Critic


Critics are a dime a dozen. There are people who’s job it is to have an opinion on something and to dissect it with words, sometimes words that inflame or insult. We are all entitled to our feelings on something but when those feelings get the best of us we risk missing out on some of the good parts of something someone worked hard to create.

Everyone who puts something out for public consumption should be expect feedback, some positive, some negative. Social media has made it easy for everyone to be a critic. Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter and other platforms have given a voice to the everyday person to have their say.

Seeking out the opinions of others can sometimes help you form a decision on something before seeing it yourself. Don’t let critics get in the way of you enjoying something you like. Personal opinion is just that, personal.

Be The Original Blogger


You all have the potential to be creative, original and unique. Don’t be a copy of someone else. The world needs diverse opinions and thought. Never be afraid to express yourself. Each of you have a platform that is powerful and awesome. Be bold and show the light that dwells in you. Never be afraid to be the original blogger that the world needs you to be.



I don’t mind profanity, I use it on occasion but you won’t see me using it in my posts, it’s not my style. It’s a personal decision to drop a four-letter word or two in conversation or in blogging. Sometimes you have to cuss up a storm because its the only way to deal with life’s situations. For me I want to try to do something different. Using profanity in a smart way can be more compelling than when one just cusses because they can.

Share An Opinion…Expect A Response


Blogging and other social media provides a platform to share your views and feelings on a wide array of topics. As a fellow blogger said you take a chance when you climb up on the social soapbox to share your heart and mind. You have to be aware there are others who will disagree with you and won’t be afraid to give it back to you. Politics, religion, fandoms are all hot button issues that you find on Tumblr and you won’t always have a friendly audience. The key here is a respectful discourse and healthy dialogue to come to an understanding. Agree or disagree its a personal thing. Be good to your fellow bloggers. Keep on blogging.

Spammers Suck


I hate, loathe, detest spammers on the Internet. Does not matter if it comes from Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, Email, Instagram, Pinterest those people need to be drug out into the middle of the street and whipped with a wet noodle or worse. It’s a nuisance and it can be dangerous. It needs to go away forever. That’s my opinion for the night.