The Right Question


For the last few days I have had a tire on my truck that was losing air. Instantly I was thinking about having to replace it which is an expense I didn’t relish. Today I took it to a new tire store where the mechanic asked me what was wrong with the tire and I said it was losing air….so he goes and jacks up the truck and looks for the source of the leak. Well it was a nail that was embedded in the tread. The nice mechanic proceeds to patch the hole in my tire and its like “new”.

There’s something about asking questions. In my case he saved me a lot of bucks that we didn’t have to spend. Having a mechanic or anyone in service ask the right questions means a lot. When their interest is about looking out for you so you might return for the big stuff is huge. I will be going back to this new tire store again for other things.


Blogging And Your Followers


My philosophy is when you have a blog it means that you have an opportunity to have a relationship with your readers and followers. You want to foster goodwill with everyone you meet through blogging. Taking seconds to respond to a post is really nothing and it can help someone who needs it. Its cool when someone choses to share their lives because we can benefit from the experiences they are having. I have made some great connections through blogging and its opened my eyes and mind to the world they live in.

A Thought About Blogging


It’s my hope that blogging can help people express themselves and start discussions to bring solutions to our common problems. Often it seems it can be used to tear people down and incite drama between people. Blogging can be a force for positive change, lets hope we can all get behind that thought. Keep on blogging everyone. It can do you a world of good, if you let it.



Change is a very loaded word. It requires a lot of courage, open mindedness and willingness to try new things. Its something that doesn’t come easy for everyone. We all get used to something being a certain way and there’s comfort in that. However that also leads to stagnation and a feeling of being stuck in a rut. Introducing new things and new ideas into a conversation can be a very uncomfortable thing for a lot of people.

Today I have learned that a change in leadership and a change in how things are done can rattle cages. Change requires one to grow and be different. Like a caterpillar becoming a butterfly, there is some painful metamorphosis that has to take place. For water to become ice conditions have to drop below 32 degrees to make that happen.

Change is a constant. We are never the same from one day to the next. Our favorite entertainment sources change too, we don’t like that so much. Change means we are willing to become something new or renewed. However in some situations the more things change the more they stay the same. As Sheryl Crow once sang “A change will do you good”, I guess she’s speaking to me and to all of us.

So whether you are a church wanting to change how worship is done, a world wide group of believers with a renegade Pope or a person seeking his way in the world you have some serious changing to take place.

Regeneration, renewal, transformation, metamorphosis all words that have a element of change involved. Are we brave enough to make the change we want to see in our world and in our personal lives. All good things to ask as we go through the year. No matter what have a buddy or two to enjoy the ride with you. They might change right there with you.

Bloggers Are People First


Every blogger is a person who deserves some level of respect as it pertains to their private lives. I don’t share 100% of what goes on behind the scenes of my life because some things are not the concern of others. Gossip can be a big problem and the way the Internet is set up rumors can spread faster than wildfire.

Some bloggers are more transparent than others and that is their right to be that way if they choose. There’s no need to be rude, inconsiderate, hateful or nosy here if someone is more private than another. People, lets honor the wishes of each other in this community. Be supportive of someone even if you can’t fully understand their reasons. Be a good cyber neighbor.