Opinions, Share At Your Own Peril


It seems that sharing your opinion on anything can be a soul cleansing experience or it can be a landmine of controversy and venom. A friend of mine who shall remain nameless did that in regard to a fandom and was soundly blasted for it. This leads to the idea that the more social and open we are about something to more we tend to pay the price.

Friends the Internet can be a great place to get information and news about important things. It can also be a great generator of unnecessary drama among people. Look at any social media platform and there has been a war of words between two people who probably were friends just a day ago.

I have said a few things that have riled up people. Challenging someones beliefs or the things that they are deeply into can be a fast way to fracture friendships. Perhaps we take things too seriously these days. Coming from a person with a thin skin maybe we need to thicken it up.

Our identity is wrapped up in things like movies, TV, books, sports teams and the like. We can be deeply hurt when someone makes fun of us for that. I think geeks and nerds are more impacted by that because that is a part of their nature. They are motivated by the stuff they are into.

You have to own the words you say. Words can impact a person in positive and negative ways.It is worth noting that you have the power to lift people up or tear them down. Opinions can change the world or they can reinforce previously held ideas. We have to respect the freedom that many of us have to express ourselves but lets do it in a responsible way.


Perspective on People on The Big And Small Screen


At the end of the day much of what we see on a big or small screen is works of fiction. We get emotionally charged about what we want to happen on those screens and thats all good.

Fandoms are great and can bring people together but they can also be very divisive. But when people are involved and things get out of hand then there should be a pause for a reality check.

Actors are human beings and they are just making a living doing something they love. Behind the scenes people are just doing the same things.

In the grand scheme of things what happens on NCIS, Dowtnon Abbey, Doctor Who, Sherlock, The Walking Dead and the like really doesn’t matter in light of real stuff happening in our communities and around the world.

Quotes on Suffering


I have posted a couple of quotes on Suffering based upon the need of people to have some perspective on the topic. There are folks in my cyber life and real life who are in need of some comfort and peace. Our world needs healing and I think everyone needs a go-to person to help them find their way in life. Love and peace everyone.

A Older Perspective on Tumblr


I got a very nice note from one of my followers who said “it is nice to have an older perspective on my blog” she said not to take it the wrong way. I didn’t, I took it as a compliment. 

Tumblr is a site where there are a lot of younger users, that fact is not lost on me. However it can be a place for a mature voice. A place to engage conversation and exchange ideas from different generations. Perhaps in our conversations we can gain further understanding on a wide array of  issues. 

I chose Tumblr for lots of reasons but the most important is that it has a system of tagging that allows for folks to get their posts to a wide audience. The ability to cross post to other platforms “Facebook, Twitter,  Etc” is also helpful in having a rich discussion. 

So to all the younger bloggers, thank you for your friendship and willingness to cross generations. To the older bloggers out there remember Tumblr can be for you too. Everyone, keep on blogging.

Perspective: Amy Winehouse


Amy Winehouse’s voice and talent was huge. Her problems were huge as well. She always battled alcohol and drug addiction. Amy’s passing is a very tragic event and she will be missed by family and friends. However there are people everyday dying because of the same things that took her life. We don’t know what those things are at this time but whatever took her life she didn’t have to go this way. I pray for her and all those who seem to die alone each day. May God bless them.