Rambling About The Good Book


I think believers need to read scripture using ones mind and heart. John Wesley an Anglican cleric and founder of the Methodist movement devised a system of using reason, tradition, experience and scripture when reading the Bible. The same system could be used for other religious texts too. 

Much of what is written is based upon stories, context and word of mouth. I personally believe God is bigger than the Bible and there are things happening today where his grace is being expressed and demonstrated daily. The story of God’s love and work in this world is still being written. 

The key to applying ones faith is to love your neighbor as yourself always keep that on the forefront of your mind. 


Seeing God


People fail to see God when His people aren’t welcoming and inclusive. All they seem to see is a group of people who like the status quo and aren’t interested in having new people in the mix. I think churches and civilizations have learned the hard way when you fail to share the love of God in a way that makes them feel needed and wanted. Hospitality is important my friends.