There are people in Earthly and divine places who care about the suffering of humanity. We are not alone unless we choose to be. Our common experience connects us to one another.

Rambling About The Good Book


I think believers need to read scripture using ones mind and heart. John Wesley an Anglican cleric and founder of the Methodist movement devised a system of using reason, tradition, experience and scripture when reading the Bible. The same system could be used for other religious texts too. 

Much of what is written is based upon stories, context and word of mouth. I personally believe God is bigger than the Bible and there are things happening today where his grace is being expressed and demonstrated daily. The story of God’s love and work in this world is still being written. 

The key to applying ones faith is to love your neighbor as yourself always keep that on the forefront of your mind. 


Rambling About Faith And Stuff


I am a church goer and a believer and I really hope that I represent my faith tradition in a good way. It is important to me to share my faith without tearing down the faith of other people. To me God is presented and worshiped in very diverse ways using different rituals and customs. The key thing here is to love one another and to do for others as they would do for you. If we are all doing that then we are all good. Having a higher power is important because we need to be connected to something greater than us and at the same time those who aren’t shouldn’t be demonized. Just a few serious thoughts for the day.

Rambling About Faith of People


I am a man of faith and I hold on to the grace and peace of my creator. There are others who have chosen paths of belief that make sense to them. We live in a world where people of good conscious are seeking and asking questions about life in all its wonder. Perhaps we should love one another more to kill the hate that festers in the hearts and minds of people who seek to cause chaos whether it be in print or on the battlefield. Aim for peace, not for the kill shot.