Rambling About Faith of People


I am a man of faith and I hold on to the grace and peace of my creator. There are others who have chosen paths of belief that make sense to them. We live in a world where people of good conscious are seeking and asking questions about life in all its wonder. Perhaps we should love one another more to kill the hate that festers in the hearts and minds of people who seek to cause chaos whether it be in print or on the battlefield. Aim for peace, not for the kill shot.



I am a believer in God. Many of you know this. However I think many of my fellow Christians are going to be surprised when they get to Heaven where they will see faces they didn’t expect to see. A frustration of mine is how much God is put in a box. Jesus has been made to be something He never said he was. For me Heaven is a big place and there are a lot of people headed there who might not have gone the conventional route. I suppose I have a little Universalist mixed in with my United Methodist.

The Message


I think the message of God needs to be a part of the universal truths that should be accessible to the believer and non-believer alike. There should be an individual decision on ones belief system but that doesn’t mean that the good things God offers should be exclusive to those who believe in Him. I hope I am making sense here.

In the same way I think other faiths have some great stuff I can glean wisdom from.