Rambling About Faith And Stuff


I am a church goer and a believer and I really hope that I represent my faith tradition in a good way. It is important to me to share my faith without tearing down the faith of other people. To me God is presented and worshiped in very diverse ways using different rituals and customs. The key thing here is to love one another and to do for others as they would do for you. If we are all doing that then we are all good. Having a higher power is important because we need to be connected to something greater than us and at the same time those who aren’t shouldn’t be demonized. Just a few serious thoughts for the day.


The Message


I think the message of God needs to be a part of the universal truths that should be accessible to the believer and non-believer alike. There should be an individual decision on ones belief system but that doesn’t mean that the good things God offers should be exclusive to those who believe in Him. I hope I am making sense here.

In the same way I think other faiths have some great stuff I can glean wisdom from.

To My Brothers and Sisters of Faith


I have a few people on Tumblr who follow me who are fellow believers. Thank you for the fellowship and connection here. Having an ecumenical dialogue with fellow Christians can be a good way to build community. 

However you need to know who I am as a believer and a follower of Jesus. Some of you won’t agree on everything and that’s cool.

  • I affirm the Apostles Creed as a basic foundation of my faith.
  • I am a member of the United Methodist Church and serve as a Local Church Lay Servant.
  • I am a liberal and I encourage other liberals of faith to rock on!
  • I think many protestants need to brush up on church history as much as the Bible.
  • I am a fan of women as clergy. 
  • I think addressing someones physical needs first can help address their spiritual needs down the road. 
  • I reject fundamentalism in all religion. However there are fundamentals we all need as believers. 
  • I believe in being evangelical without being evangelical. 
  • I am a big fan of liturgy and the creeds.
  • God and guns are not a winning combination.
  • God is not a Republican or a Democrat.
  • I believe in a faith of encouragement not destruction.
  • Racism and sexism have no place in the church. 
  • I am LGBTQ affirming.
  • I am a big fan of Catholics as well as Anglo Catholics.
  • Bible worship is not cool. 
  • I believe that people don’t want scripture quoted to them, they want to see it in action. 
  • I believe in loving people for who they are because Jesus does.

To my friends who are not believers I love you too and celebrate our friendship no matter the religious differences. At times I need to talk to my fellow believers. They need to know what to expect from me. Thanks for putting up with this post.