Global Perspective


It’s good to be reminded that the east coast of the United States of America is not the center of the universe. Much happens here but its not the only place where important things happen. It’s good to get perspectives from people from other parts of the world. Blogging is a good example of how connected we are. We do indeed live in a world community. Our globe is made up people from all walks of life in all the great places of creation and I am grateful for that. 


Christmas Around The World


I follow the blogs from some great people around the world. With it being Christmas time it’s interesting to hear about traditions and customs for the holidays. Americans tend to blow up the holidays with bigger than life celebrations, Christmas is not exception. However celebrations in other parts of the world might not be as grand. This is a conversation I would be interested in having. 

Being There As The Church and As A People


This morning in church my pastor talked about being present in order to make change in a world full of chaos. What I mean by this is our world needs people who are active and want to be the change they want to see.

The world is broken and needs healing. As we have seen with temple shootings, movie theatre shootings and other horrible events we have to come together. God is there in all situations. We may ask why he allows things to happen such as evil, I think we should say he is there when it happens and will give us comfort. People make the choice to do violence and mayhem but people need to come together to make a difference. 

The church NEEDS to be the church. Not to worry about our institution but to make a stand in a world of need and pain. We have to show love and to be there for those who are lost. Showing God’s love means being there to do it in body and soul.

People of faith and those who don’t believe can join hands to stand in the gap and to shield our world from those who do evil things. As John Lennon once sang “Give Peace A Chance”.