Writing For The Social Masses


I wonder if social media, texting and other forms of electronic communications have impacted our writing quality? It seems like it to me because of the shorthand and abbreviations that are used. We write for short lengths and have to get our point across sooner or else we lose the attention of our audience. We are writing more for the social masses which means we sometimes forget what we learned in our writing classes. What is your experience with this?


Choose Your Words


Words can do more harm and are effective weapons. I believe in keeping the peace and lifting people up so choosing ones words is a valuable thing. Yes sometimes you need to call out people on things they do but when things are cool encouraging words should flow freely. Our words can set us free, get us into trouble and put us in other situations we would rather not be in. Words are wonderful but words can wound.



There’s something interesting about boxes. New things come in them. Old things are stored away in them. Boxes contain great things. Sometimes we need to step outside them to have fresh perspective and to think new things. Boxes, like people come in different shapes and sizes. I like boxes because shiny things come in them but they can contain memories. May the next box you open be something you will like.

My Words


I am just a hack who plays with words sometimes. There are far better writers, poets, composers of the written word than I am. Sometimes I am not even sure if I am doing it right. Thanks for liking my stuff but being in the company of some of you is very humbling.



There are people who buy homes they cannot afford, buy things that max out their credit cards, do whatever it takes to keep up with the neighbors. Some folks are chasing an impossible dream and a certain nightmare. If they get more, spend more and earn more they will have reached the top. It doesn’t always work like that. People reach for brass rings and go for the gold when perhaps aluminum and tin would make them just as happy. Success doesn’t make a man but it can sure bring him down.

Just Do It


Doing what you need to do is a great freedom in life. We all have things that are required of us and its a part of fulfilling our obligations. Adulting can be tough and not fun but its a part of life. I am not always good at doing things because I like to procrastinate and then things pile up on me, I can have a terrible lazy streak at times. Just do it is more than a shoe company slogan it can be a calling in life to make your corner of the world a better place.

Common Connections


It’s cool to have common connections in life. My wife and I had a ton of them. At work I have many. Online I have made many common connections. Getting linked up with people you have things in common with is nice. You get to know people in a whole new way. Sometimes connections can help you get further on in life and your work.



What you once had you don’t have anymore but you have something different.

The job you went to for years disappeared and now you do something different. 

The one you loved isn’t there anymore but there is someone new and its different.

The place you lived in since you were a kid is not the place you live now, it’s all different.

Have comfort in the things you have even though they are not what you are used to. 

It’s OK when things are different because you still have something, someone and you do things new.