The Front or The Back


Having been a church goer most of my life it’s always interesting to see who sits up front and all the way in the back. Everyone has their own comfort zone and that sort of thing but the whole thing fascinates me. To me the closer you are to the action up front the more you get out of it, kind of like being in a school classroom.

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He is risen, he is risen indeed. Happy Easter to all!

Today is a new day, the resurrection day.  I believe Jesus is an example of redemption, justice, grace, peace and reconciliation. On this day of new life and a body restored and regenerated may we all find something new to make our lives free of sorrow, pain and suffering. Jesus always had a good time and he was with people on the fringes of society. His disciples were a rag tag group of everyday people who dropped everything and followed him without fear. 

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Passover and Good Friday


Today Passover begins for my Jewish friends and for my fellow followers of Jesus its Good Friday. May God be with us in the coming days as we are made mindful of our common bonds in faith. As we celebrate these holidays let this be a call to care for those in need, the marginalized and the oppressed. Grace and peace, justice and love to all this Holy time of the year. 

Me, The Believer


I am a unapologetic believer in that faith should rooted in the reality of today and that people should have have an abundance of love, grace, peace. People should have the freedom to be who they are and secure in the knowledge that God created them to be who they are. I also think that God’s story is still being written in the here and now.

Rambling About The Good Book


I think believers need to read scripture using ones mind and heart. John Wesley an Anglican cleric and founder of the Methodist movement devised a system of using reason, tradition, experience and scripture when reading the Bible. The same system could be used for other religious texts too. 

Much of what is written is based upon stories, context and word of mouth. I personally believe God is bigger than the Bible and there are things happening today where his grace is being expressed and demonstrated daily. The story of God’s love and work in this world is still being written. 

The key to applying ones faith is to love your neighbor as yourself always keep that on the forefront of your mind. 

May I Have Your Attention Please


To my wonderful newbies, welcome! On occasion you will see some spiritual/religious things come from this blog. Don’t get freaked out, I am not a Bible thumper. I do go to church, on occasion I drink and sometimes curse words slip from my mouth from pure frustration. Yes I am human and Jesus is alright by me. I also dig folks from other religions and think they are doing right by the traditions and customs the hold dear to.

Rambling on Sunday


There is a difference between intelligence and wisdom.

Diversity sometimes makes people want to build boundaries.

We are afraid to cross boundaries and we want to put up walls. Fear is a big part of that.

Barriers cut us off from the world.

Believers have a choice to engage the world or isolate themselves.

What say you?