Passover and Good Friday


Today Passover begins for my Jewish friends and for my fellow followers of Jesus its Good Friday. May God be with us in the coming days as we are made mindful of our common bonds in faith. As we celebrate these holidays let this be a call to care for those in need, the marginalized and the oppressed. Grace and peace, justice and love to all this Holy time of the year. 


Easter Weekend


Friends, I hope the Easter holiday will be a blessed one for you all. I look forward to sharing with you my experiences of this Holy time of year. Tomorrow is Good Friday the day in which Jesus was crucified and died. It is a time of reflection for Christians as we remember the moment when he gave all for everyone. God bless, love, peace and grace to each of you.

Enjoy this time in your own tradition.

Palms on Sunday, Crown of Thorns on Friday, Victory on Sunday!


The story of Jesus entry to Jerusalem by riding on a donkey being welcomed by waving palms is contrasted by his leaving by his death upon a cross wearing a crown of thorns. Jesus was greeted as a hero but died like a common criminal. On this Good Friday we know that the story does not end with his death but its the beginning of a greater story where he offers us life everlasting. The journey of Christian faith begins with that road to Jerusalem and the streets leading to Golgatha, the mount of skulls to the tomb where He would be Resurrected. Everyone who comes to Christ has a journey to the Cross where Jesus gave His life for the sins of us all. Its an amazing story that makes no sense but God chose to save us this way. Jesus looked from the cross into the future where everyone who believes in him will be able to make that journey.