Attention Church Goers, Yeah You


If you are a church goer please think about how your act to those who don’t go to church. Non-believers are looking and watching and sometimes they aren’t impressed. Remember that Ghandi once said he likes our Christ but its the “Christians” he isn’t crazy about.


Seeing Jesus


It’s unfortunate how Jesus is portrayed sometimes. His people don’t give him good press and have made him out to be something He isn’t.

Even those who sentenced Him to die were wanting a “messiah” who was more about military might than peaceful non-violent change. That is what many people seem to want today. They want a soldier not a hippie.

Today there are competing messages as to who Jesus is. I personally want to represent the message of love, peace, inclusion and grace. 

How people see Him in the behavior of His people is important. I hope people, especially those who don’t believe will see Jesus in a positive light. In this Holy season I pray that all people will feel the comfort of His loving arms.