Rambling About…


Sometimes our posts like life isn’t pretty. Blogging comes from the heart. You can write something magnificent one day and the next it isn’t coming at all. We all have times in life when our imperfections get the best of us. Never be afraid to show the rough edges and things that need polishing up a bit. I think what I am saying here is be real and authentic in life, that is what people want to see. Be good even when you feel not so good. 


Rambling About Care


Maybe its OK to be a little condescending if your heart is in the right place. I would rather someone show an over abundance of care and concern for me than non at all. Yes there is a balance but sometimes its a matter of reminding people to care for self and others because we forget to do that. People should care more about those around us.

Rambling on Sunday


There is a difference between intelligence and wisdom.

Diversity sometimes makes people want to build boundaries.

We are afraid to cross boundaries and we want to put up walls. Fear is a big part of that.

Barriers cut us off from the world.

Believers have a choice to engage the world or isolate themselves.

What say you?

Rambling About Work


May the work we do provide for us and ours. Let that labor also provide opportunities to do good things for the communities we live in. Our work should sustain us but may it never deny us the ability to spend time with our families and to help others in need. 

Time and Money


Everything comes down to price and convenience if you think about it. Do we have time to devote to something and will it fit into our calendar and is it close by. Friends, most people are about time and money…two things we seem to have less of these days, although we still have the same 24 hours in a day but our money is always in flux.. Time and money are things we lament and celebrate in our culture. This is really a statement on what our values and priorities are.