He is risen, he is risen indeed. Happy Easter to all!

Today is a new day, the resurrection day.  I believe Jesus is an example of redemption, justice, grace, peace and reconciliation. On this day of new life and a body restored and regenerated may we all find something new to make our lives free of sorrow, pain and suffering. Jesus always had a good time and he was with people on the fringes of society. His disciples were a rag tag group of everyday people who dropped everything and followed him without fear. 

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My Take On The Dude Named Jesus


Thinking in as much as Jesus died for us, He also lived for us. He taught us to love unconditionally. In the world we live in perhaps remembering that Jesus told us to love the least of these. The people
who he chose to begin his ministry weren’t fancy people. He liked to
party and live a life that wasn’t boring. The cool thing is that he
would eat with people like tax collectors and others society deemed to
be unworthy. Then he stood between the religious to defend a prostitute
from being stoned. In this season of resurrection perhaps we should
remember that He said for us to love and respect one another.


Today he would say all are equal; black or white, gay and straight, man and woman,
rich and poor. If we don’t love then what was the purpose of his life
and then his death?

Ash Wednesday & Lent


It’s the beginning of Lenten season in the Christian tradition which makes this Ash Wednesday and there was to be an service at church but due to the weather situation it was cancelled. I am not feeling the beginning of this season due to there not being ashes. Ritual is an important part of religion and Ashes help kick things off. Now I will have to find other ways to get fired up about Lent. I don’t even know what I am giving up or taking on this season. There are other things in play here too I don’t want to go into. Let’s see what happens.