Me, The Believer


I am a unapologetic believer in that faith should rooted in the reality of today and that people should have have an abundance of love, grace, peace. People should have the freedom to be who they are and secure in the knowledge that God created them to be who they are. I also think that God’s story is still being written in the here and now.


A Prayer For Everyone, Believer and Non-Believer


God of creation and love be with those who suffer or have moments of doubt about their role in the world. Thank you for being ever present in the lives of those who believe in you as well as those who don’t believe in you. May everyone know your love, grace and peace is open to everyone, everywhere, no matter what. To those who are persecuted in your name by those who seek to do harm I ask that you would heal the wounds of the persecuted and to forgive the trespasses of your children who need your love in a profound way. To those who face health situations may you give them healing and comfort, even to those who deny you. In the name of your son who taught us to live and love and forgive….Amen

Seeing Jesus


It’s unfortunate how Jesus is portrayed sometimes. His people don’t give him good press and have made him out to be something He isn’t.

Even those who sentenced Him to die were wanting a “messiah” who was more about military might than peaceful non-violent change. That is what many people seem to want today. They want a soldier not a hippie.

Today there are competing messages as to who Jesus is. I personally want to represent the message of love, peace, inclusion and grace. 

How people see Him in the behavior of His people is important. I hope people, especially those who don’t believe will see Jesus in a positive light. In this Holy season I pray that all people will feel the comfort of His loving arms.

Good Christian People


I want to say that Christians screw up, say things we shouldn’t and hurt people we love and like. In short we make the same mistakes as non-believers. Yes good Christian people are imperfect just like anyone. No matter what you hear everyone is a hypocrite about something. I know fellow Christians who say four-letter words out of no better word to say, sheer frustration and being hurt. Just because I am a follower of Jesus doen’t mean giving up my human card. We all have to seek forgiveness for the things we do wrong right, believer or not.

To My Brothers and Sisters of Faith


I have a few people on Tumblr who follow me who are fellow believers. Thank you for the fellowship and connection here. Having an ecumenical dialogue with fellow Christians can be a good way to build community. 

However you need to know who I am as a believer and a follower of Jesus. Some of you won’t agree on everything and that’s cool.

  • I affirm the Apostles Creed as a basic foundation of my faith.
  • I am a member of the United Methodist Church and serve as a Local Church Lay Servant.
  • I am a liberal and I encourage other liberals of faith to rock on!
  • I think many protestants need to brush up on church history as much as the Bible.
  • I am a fan of women as clergy. 
  • I think addressing someones physical needs first can help address their spiritual needs down the road. 
  • I reject fundamentalism in all religion. However there are fundamentals we all need as believers. 
  • I believe in being evangelical without being evangelical. 
  • I am a big fan of liturgy and the creeds.
  • God and guns are not a winning combination.
  • God is not a Republican or a Democrat.
  • I believe in a faith of encouragement not destruction.
  • Racism and sexism have no place in the church. 
  • I am LGBTQ affirming.
  • I am a big fan of Catholics as well as Anglo Catholics.
  • Bible worship is not cool. 
  • I believe that people don’t want scripture quoted to them, they want to see it in action. 
  • I believe in loving people for who they are because Jesus does.

To my friends who are not believers I love you too and celebrate our friendship no matter the religious differences. At times I need to talk to my fellow believers. They need to know what to expect from me. Thanks for putting up with this post.


I found this picture of Jesus Christ inspirational and a reminder of the greatness and impact He has had on the history of the world. I’m a believer and a follower and I feel that He is about the love. No matter what you think of some who represent him He’s cool. I know He is real, He loves us all and He is there for each of us. Don’t think I am one of those folks who wants to push my faith on anyone but I just felt I wanted to share this part of my life with you all. 

Words Then Action


We live in a world where there are words, words, words. Everyone can talk a good game but seldom can deliver. Action speaks louder than words. People have been promised the world but have been shattered when those words go unfulfilled. 

For the believer we live in a world that expects us to be who we say we are. For those who say they love God there is much pressure to deliver and to make good on their witness to the world.

Words can be a powerful motivator. Hopefully they inspire action. For me I am not always fulfilling my promises. It happens to all of us at times. 

Hypocrisy is a problem. When you say one thing but will do another that goes contrary to your core beliefs. Many believers face this in a world that needs hope and change.

No matter the situation, people seek honesty, follow through and most importantly consistency. They want to see change not just hear about it. Kindness and action can make the difference for everyone wanting something to believe in. 

A Believer, Blogger and Geek”s Resolve to be Kind.


In a world that seems to reward being mean I resolve to be kind. Being nice makes our world better. Having a good relationship with family, friends and community can change us all. Being nice even though not everyone else is shows the world goodness and light.

As a believer I know God is love and its my hope that people around the globe can experience this one day. 

As a blogger I will be nice to the individuals I encounter and contribute positive things to the web. 

As a geek I resolve to bring people together through tech, social networking and media showing people that its right to be nice.

Of course kidding around and light mischief can bring people together as long as it doesn’t tear down or demean. 

There are so many people in the world who need to feel love and peace. Bullying unfortunately has found its way to social media and the rest of the web. Let the revolution of love and peace start now.