Getting Through A Dry Spell


I am in a bit of a dry spell at work…everyone goes through that. You work hard to break through to make things happen and it just doesn’t happen. My struggle the last couple of days is making quota in my job. You keep on going and no matter what you do its just not happening. Frustration begins to set in and you find yourself done. This is not a uncommon among people who work in a production…

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It’s interesting that when you are productive you have more energy to be even more productive or so it seems. There are a lot of factors that go into having a productive day such as rest, organization and hard work.

When its a slow day things drag along and it drives one crazy. There is something to building on ones success and it makes it easier to get things done. However there are days where you have to just keep on going no matter what. I do enjoy the easy days but the challenging days build character and help you endure long-term.

Generation to Generation


There comes a time when the youth of a society must step up to make a contribution. As some generations age they aren’t able to do the same things they could when they were younger. It’s also important for previous generations to mentor the youth of the day to prepare them to take charge and do good things in the world. The contributions of all generations should be honored and appreciated. There comes a time to pass the torch from one generation to another so the work of community will continue.

Pro Tip: Filling A Bucket, One Bite At A Time


If your work requires “filling a bucket” meaning you have a quota to make it can be a little daunting. The old metaphor of eating an elephant one bite at a time is helpful here. Break your task down into small increments that way your task isn’t so big. This applies to anything in work or life. We often look at something in totality but if we take it in segments it works out better for us. Work smart, not hard I always say.

Rambling About Work


May the work we do provide for us and ours. Let that labor also provide opportunities to do good things for the communities we live in. Our work should sustain us but may it never deny us the ability to spend time with our families and to help others in need. 

The Workers Struggle Is Real


Even the best of workers struggle. I am good at my job (I say that with humility) but today has been tough. We are close to a goal and I am not pulling my weight. It’s important for me to do my best and even be the best. Perhaps It is one of those days my mamma said would be like this…or something like that. 

Days End


The sun has set and the night has come

Our days end is what we have been looking for

Never ending work means the job is never complete

Yet you get to come home and hopefully rest your feet

My friends drink a toast to the most you have given

You get to do it again tomorrow when the sun has risen

I Want Everyone To Succeed


It’s important for everyone I work with to do well. The better we all do means good things for our common cause. I see no value in getting jealous of the success of others. Perhaps it will help me work harder to do better. When one person succeeds then it should be something that inspires others.