Just 10 of the dozens of 10 Years of New WHO wishes from cast, crew, writers, directors, companions and Doctors (all of which you can see here x

Happy 10 years!

I came into Doctor Who through Torchwood. I am very glad I have grown to love this series that has opened my mind a little more and added to the things I am geeky about. This has become a family thing where my wife, sister and parents are on board too. Happy 10th Re-Boot Anniversary, long live the classic!


Something Retro, Something Blue – I am not talking about the TARDIS from Doctor Who, although it could apply here. In this case I am talking about my blog which now sports the Redux theme that was the long time default theme for new Tumblr users.

I am using a blue scheme for the text and background while implimenting a “typewriter” style typeface. I increased the font sizes on the main body and on the sidebar. The sidebar features icons to my other social sites and a Twitter widget. I removed the stock Twitter feed because it doesn’t work well and looked ugly if you ask me. There are also links to pages and other content on the blog too. I still have some further tweaking to do but this should serve me well for awhile.

Retro still gets the job done if you ask me. Keep on blogging my good people. Make blogging fun again!

Another Take on Boxes


This is the most famous box in science fiction. The Tardis is a time machine that is bigger on the inside. It’s a unassuming police call box from years ago in England but it has helped expand the imagination of people around the world. It helps us dream and to realize the possibilities in life. So this box tells us the story of a time lord and his many, many companions.

The one thing about this box is you have to step out of it to find adventure in time and space.