Happy New Year Work


I am back at work after being off for New Year’s Day. I really hate being off in the middle of the week because it really ruins my rhythm at work. It is also frustrating that you have to return to work the next day. Well its better than not having the holiday off I suppose. I am glad to have a good job to return to though. 

Lets get to work and make today the best it can be. Rock on good people. 


New Years Eve Plans


Tonight my wife and I are having an evening in to ring in the New Year. We will dine on pot roast with trimmings and we will watch the movie “New Years Eve” which is a similar movie to “Love Actually” of course we will watch the ball drop from New York City and there will be bubbly in some fancy glasses.  

I hope each of you has a great evening and that you will be safe heading into 2015. Take precautions and use a designated driver if needed.

On this evening of “time travel” what are your plans for the night?

Happy Holidays


We will be celebrating four major holidays in the next few weeks. People of all stripes will be enjoying Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa and New Years Day. When I say happy holidays its being inclusive of all those celebrations and traditions that are special to people who observe them. It’s not taking anything away but bringing peace and joy to our diverse population.

Getting Through The Holidays


This holiday season many people will be going through it without someone special. Perhaps they have had a life change such as a job loss or illness. Some folks have burdens so heavy that they can’t carry it all. The term blue Christmas is a real thing. While there are celebrations some will be just trying to make it through without pain. Getting through the holidays for them will be emotional and painful.

Let’s keep those people in our thoughts and prayers. Offer them some hope and be sure they aren’t going through it alone.