Rambling About Stewart and Williams


I don’t watch Jon Stewart and The Daily Show that much other than clips and animated .gifs. There is no denying his impact on how people get their news and information. His delivery was something unique and special. He will be missed “daily” and I hope he will find something to share his talents in a new way.

I do watch Brian Williams more regularly and I am very saddened about his recent troubles based on his not telling true stories. When you tell false stories in his line of work there goes your credibility which is everything. He will be sitting out for six months without pay so the punishment is stiff. I don’t know what will happen with him or Nightly News but NBC has some serious work to do. 

One man leaves on his terms while another is set aside in disgrace. It should be a lesson to each of us in how we live, work and contribute to the world. 


Rambling About Choices


When a young person makes poor choices in life it can be a very sad situation. It is even more sad when they have been shown a new way of life by the gifts of love and grace in their life. Everyone makes decisions on what is best for them and sometime those decisions aren’t always healthy or safe. It is even worse when those choices put other people at risk. You also see situations where people take things that don’t belong to them or damage property. To me its disheartening that people find themselves in a place of despair and choose to stay there. People need hope and joy in their lives now more than ever.

Commentary of The Day


I am fully aware of the serious issues of the world that have many concerned. Injustice, racism, sexism and other issues concern each of us each day. In total they can make us fearful and uncertain about the future. You know it is good when we see the possibilities of a brighter tomorrow. We need some hope and yes faith to get us through the tough times. I have people I work with who are facing struggles too and my heart goes out to them. No one should suffer but we do, its part of our human experience. Maybe if change can start with one blog post that someone reads that inspires them to do amazing things then its worth being idealistic and perhaps a little naive. I want good things for my family, friends, the world and everyone should have a seat at the table and opportunities to have happiness. Today would be a good time to start all that.

People @ Work


People are working twice as hard to chase their dreams. Men and women work all shifts available to put a roof over their families heads and food on the table. Their pay is less but their work is more. That work also goes toward extras that make life easier. Finding time to do what they want, when they want is becoming more challenging. It seems unfair when you see celebrities, athletes and the like making the big bucks when you can barely keep the lights on. People at work are just trying to make it day by day.

Building Bridges


I rely upon TV, Saturday Night Live, Tumblr, Twitter and to a lesser extend Facebook to help me keep me culturally informed. I want to relate to my fellow bloggers and others so I think its good to find common ground in this way. Some of what others are in to I can’t seem to wrap my head around. Finding a way to understand those in a different place than you can be a way to foster peace. Reciprocity is hoped for but not expected. Being middle aged has its own stereotypes as does youth but perhaps we don’t have to fall into their expectations.

Commentary About The Day


There is temptation to live in fear in the times we live. My friends claim your lives for yourself, your community and the world. Bad stuff happens when we fail to be a part of a solution. Evil people have the potential for redemption if we show them love, peace, kindness and reconciliation. No one is out of the grace of ones higher power. We are one human family on this day, lets come together. Give peace a chance.

A Doctor’s Office


It doesn’t look good when the first thing you see at a doctor’s office is one of their office staff smoking a cigarette in front of the entrance to their building. Just saying.

The same goes for any business. There’s a place for that called your car or behind the building.

Smoking isn’t a cool thing these days.



No one will be liked or loved by everyone. It’s a fact of life that people can and will be mean and hateful. This happens online so much. Bullies have made being online a very difficult thing for people who have had it rough in their lives to begin with.

How we react to what is online is a personal thing. How people react to our posts is out of our control. From my experience in sharing what’s on my head and heart not everyone is going to agree with you.

Bravery in blogging is found in some people who choose to challenge what others say and believe but you have to expect a reaction that can often be strong. People can and will push back. I hate when feelings get hurt but you have to have a thick skin in any sort of online social environment.

Never be afraid to be yourself. Don’t let what people say or do deter you from expressing what’s on your heart or in your head. Just be ready to react in a way that communicates what you mean in a way that is meaningful and sincere. Reactions can be strong but my friends you can be stronger.