Blood and Wires


It is through blood and wires that I make my way in the world. Without the wires of a telephone and the blood in the veins of great people I wouldn’t have a occupation right now. Both connect and sustain people in powerful ways. It’s my blood that keeps me alive, its the wires of a phone that helps keep the lights on and food on the table. There is also one more important thing and that is the generosity of people who I connect with daily who fuel the fires of my imagination and life right now.

Lets Build Up, Not Tear Down


Why are some people so hell bent on being destructive to themselves and each other? It seems there are people who want to cause problems where there doesn’t need to be. We all have issues in our lives but when they become magnified where it causes chaos that others get caught up in we find our lives in a vicious cycle of turmoil.

I pray for peace, tranquility and calm in the hearts and minds of everyone. Our world needs it now more than ever. With situations in Ukraine, South Sudan, Lebanon, our streets and homes its time cooler heads prevail to win the day.

The personal chaos of people is a tragic thing. Lets hope we see conflicts be resolved everywhere. Lets build up, not tear down. May our kids find love, our men and women learn respect and may our differences find a common thread to bind us together.

Not Much British on BBC America


bbcamerica suffers from an identity crisis. There seems to be fewer and fewer shows from the UK on the channel lately. I remember back in the day they had all sorts of programs when they first started. There were comedies, home improvement, special interest and yes dramas. Now a days there are lots of US sci-fi and movies with no sort of British connection. I find more British programming on pbstv and streaming video services. I really do miss the old days of bbcamerica when you could find something with a British accent.

Respect, Everywhere


It’s important to respect people. People deserve to have the ability to live and work in safety and without fear. Applying The Golden Rule along with exercising kindness and decency can make our lives better. Everyone deserves to have a life that will allow them to prosper in a world of equality and justice. 


Bald River Falls reminded that the power of nature is something to behold. Our lives can easily be reset by spending time communing with creation and our higher power. Perhaps the drama in our lives can be small things if we just realize we are just a small part of this world. Just sayin’.

Men and Women In Groups


In as much as its important for men and women to gather together some time apart can be good. We each have unique needs and situations that are best supported by people we have things in common. Women are usually good about opening up about things whereas men need some coaxing. For me being in a group of men is important because we can share the things that we need encouragement and support. Women benefit too from being with other women in the same way. Emotional support that’s specific to ones gender identity can help one grow as a person. If we understand ourselves first then we can better understand others and doing what is necessary to accomplish that can only provide benefits to society as a whole.

A Dystopian Future


It won’t surprise me if one of these dystopian stories or movies actually comes true in real life. To me it seems that there is a growing divide between the wealthy and poor, equality, opportunity and religion. I could be just looking more into it than there is but you know it just seems that there is more conflict and lack of cooperation in our leadership both nationally and in the states. This should concern us all. Without sounding like a conspiracy theorist our country seems to be coming apart at the seams. We shall see what happens. Lets see if Stephenie Meyers, Veronica Roth and Suzanne Collins are on to something.

Hate Speech


Satire and joking is one thing but when that turns into poisonous, hate filled comments about people one does not know or understands then that’s another thing. If one cannot say something positive or uplifting to and about someone that goes above what free speech is to be intended for, give up your social media accounts, delete your blogs and just shut up. There are a lot of struggling people out there who are suffering with low self esteem and just trying to make it day to day. Leaving comments that hurt people doesn’t make you smart it makes you a mean bully.

And We Are Back, It’s All Good


Tumblr had a service interruption at mid-day Saturday which left many in distress. Some were upset while others took it in stride. There was plenty to talk about the situation on Twitter. One person said the site felt like it was being loaded by a 56K dial-up modem from back in the 1990’s. I also heard that Netflix was having a few issues too which was horrible for the fandom communities. Perhaps that was a very isolated problem.

Every site has a time when it has problems. This is the Internet we are talking about. A network of computers that is a engineering marvel to behold. Some people make their living on the Web so when their sites are down they have a right to complain loudly. I run a small personal blog and for me when there is a service issue then I just chill out. Tumblr has been down but not for too long. 

It did get me to thinking, what if Tumblr goes away one day. There are some good connections I have made here. Let’s hope that never happens. It’s a post for another day.