No one will be liked or loved by everyone. It’s a fact of life that people can and will be mean and hateful. This happens online so much. Bullies have made being online a very difficult thing for people who have had it rough in their lives to begin with.

How we react to what is online is a personal thing. How people react to our posts is out of our control. From my experience in sharing what’s on my head and heart not everyone is going to agree with you.

Bravery in blogging is found in some people who choose to challenge what others say and believe but you have to expect a reaction that can often be strong. People can and will push back. I hate when feelings get hurt but you have to have a thick skin in any sort of online social environment.

Never be afraid to be yourself. Don’t let what people say or do deter you from expressing what’s on your heart or in your head. Just be ready to react in a way that communicates what you mean in a way that is meaningful and sincere. Reactions can be strong but my friends you can be stronger.


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