This Concludes My September 11 Posts


Thank you for your feedback and interest in my posts about the 13th anniversary of 9/11/2001. For a generation it was their Pearl Harbor and it shows us all how fragile we all are. It’s a reminder that humanity is a very broken thing. Sometimes you have to remember history so you won’t repeat it. I appreciate everyone who liked and reblogged my posts and there were a lot of them. May God bless our world that is in peril.


Commentary About The Day


There is temptation to live in fear in the times we live. My friends claim your lives for yourself, your community and the world. Bad stuff happens when we fail to be a part of a solution. Evil people have the potential for redemption if we show them love, peace, kindness and reconciliation. No one is out of the grace of ones higher power. We are one human family on this day, lets come together. Give peace a chance.


Remembering September 11, 2001 – Lest we forget the tragedy of our past. That day in September no one saw coming. People in New York, Pennsylvania and Washington DC were going about their daily lives when terror struck them. The greatest way to remember these folks is to go to work each day to make our country great for everyone. God bless those who we remember today.


Always Remember, September 11, 2011….New York, Washington DC, Shanksville, PA…three places where our country changed forever. May God bless America and her allies as we seek peace and justice. Mourn those who were lost that day and those who have fought to keep us safe. 


New York Fire Fighters are getting cancer and other respiratory problems. Many have died, more will from the particulates they breathed in the aftermath of the collapse of the World Trade Center. This is sad and should anger many people.