Rambling About Commercials


Some commercials do a great job of getting in your head and never leaving. There are visuals that make you ask what did I just see. The way you do ads these days is a clever hook, interesting gimmicks and famous people. Yes sex does help here but that is for another discussion. I guess the advertising agencies earn their money that way in the 21st century. 


Rambling About Stewart and Williams


I don’t watch Jon Stewart and The Daily Show that much other than clips and animated .gifs. There is no denying his impact on how people get their news and information. His delivery was something unique and special. He will be missed “daily” and I hope he will find something to share his talents in a new way.

I do watch Brian Williams more regularly and I am very saddened about his recent troubles based on his not telling true stories. When you tell false stories in his line of work there goes your credibility which is everything. He will be sitting out for six months without pay so the punishment is stiff. I don’t know what will happen with him or Nightly News but NBC has some serious work to do. 

One man leaves on his terms while another is set aside in disgrace. It should be a lesson to each of us in how we live, work and contribute to the world. 

Mike Parker, typographer who made Helvetica font a favorite, dies – CNN.com


One of the people responsible for the popular use of Helvetica, Mike Parker, died Sunday at age 84.

A lot of what we read in the papers and in advertising and in our culture features the Helvetica typeface. Mike Parker has made a significant contribution to our media rich world.

Mike Parker, typographer who made Helvetica font a favorite, dies – CNN.com

SUPERHEROES: A Never-Ending Battle | PBS Arts | PBS



SUPERHEROES: A NEVER-ENDING BATTLE is the first documentary to examine the dawn of the comic book genre and its powerful legacy, as well as the evolution of the characters who leapt from the pages over the last 75 years and their ongoing worldwide cultural impact.

SUPERHEROES: A Never-Ending Battle | PBS Arts | PBS


The New TV Season Begins Tonight!

Like the changing of seasons the 2013-2014 TV campaign starts in earnest tonight. Some shows made their debut last week but we will see new episodes from our favorite shows beginning today. There isn’t a lot of new shows I am looking forward too but I am excited to see some returning favorites. There will be some serious changes to shows like NCIS as Ziva is leaving, while others continue their stories such as Revolution when the lights turned on. We get to meet the mother on How I Met Your Mother and will Kate say yes to Rick on Castle? It looks like Charlie Harper had a daughter on Two and a Half Men. It’s going to be a interesting season. 

What do you look forward to seeing the most, what stories intrigue you, are you excited about what’s ahead?