Rambling About Stewart and Williams


I don’t watch Jon Stewart and The Daily Show that much other than clips and animated .gifs. There is no denying his impact on how people get their news and information. His delivery was something unique and special. He will be missed “daily” and I hope he will find something to share his talents in a new way.

I do watch Brian Williams more regularly and I am very saddened about his recent troubles based on his not telling true stories. When you tell false stories in his line of work there goes your credibility which is everything. He will be sitting out for six months without pay so the punishment is stiff. I don’t know what will happen with him or Nightly News but NBC has some serious work to do. 

One man leaves on his terms while another is set aside in disgrace. It should be a lesson to each of us in how we live, work and contribute to the world. 


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