No one will be liked or loved by everyone. It’s a fact of life that people can and will be mean and hateful. This happens online so much. Bullies have made being online a very difficult thing for people who have had it rough in their lives to begin with.

How we react to what is online is a personal thing. How people react to our posts is out of our control. From my experience in sharing what’s on my head and heart not everyone is going to agree with you.

Bravery in blogging is found in some people who choose to challenge what others say and believe but you have to expect a reaction that can often be strong. People can and will push back. I hate when feelings get hurt but you have to have a thick skin in any sort of online social environment.

Never be afraid to be yourself. Don’t let what people say or do deter you from expressing what’s on your heart or in your head. Just be ready to react in a way that communicates what you mean in a way that is meaningful and sincere. Reactions can be strong but my friends you can be stronger.


Comment on Comments


I think anonymous comments are a gateway to harm. People who don’t have the guts to show their face when commenting about something perhaps they shouldn’t comment at all. It’s easy to hide when saying something mean about someone. Some folks need to grow up and learn to understand how the world is and that words have a real and lasting impact on people.

We need more positive feedback that will build people up and not tear them down. However some folks need to receive some constructive criticism that will make them better.

A Commentary: Our Online Lives


For many the Internet is a way to connect with this crazy world we live in. It’s a portal for information, education, enlightenment and entertainment. Unfortunately its not a completely safe space. People who’s lives are full of chaos can find themselves overwhelmed by messages that aren’t good for them. Its a unfortunate reality that users face online.

As bloggers we put our hearts and souls out there to share with the world. The ability to have an exchange of ideas is important build bridges between people. However its a place where mean people want to bully those who just want to find some acceptance in life. I believe its time to reclaim the global information highway for good purposes.

It’s a shame that some people have to tear others down to make them seem more important. Constructive criticism can be helpful to the individual and can encourage healthy dialogue. To me bullying, harassment and excessive profanity is unacceptable. Why does it require more of ourselves to be kind than it does to be hateful?

Folks are on sites like Tumblr to have fun and enjoy the creative process of building a blog and a community. Lets give each other a break and learn to love. This is a part of growing as a person and having a little grace with others. Be kind and be good to one another online.

Grace Under Pressure: Dealing with Bullies and Trolls Your Blog – IFB – Independent Fashion Bloggers


This is a great article on dealing with negative comments and anonymous feedback on ones blog. It talks about how to handle things with grace and some ideas on policy you can use to either acknowledge or ignore negative feedback on your blog. 

Grace Under Pressure: Dealing with Bullies and Trolls Your Blog – IFB – Independent Fashion Bloggers

Anonymous Comments


On my blog I don’t allow anonymous comments. My blog is not a secret site and everything is up for anyone to read. If people want to comment they can do so with their identity revealed. Anyone who has something to say needs to say it as they are and not hide behind anonymity. 

I also promote healthy, considerate, polite conversations too. There is no need to get personal in regards to your blog. Everyone has an opinion but everyone should be mature enough to have respect for their fellow blogger too. Keep things positive and clean. 

This is just my opinion.