Relevance vs. the old guy


Sometimes you want to relate to others who might be younger than you, other times you just wanna be the old guy you really are. The trick is to find out how to balance that. Believe me I am nice to people of all ages. However you wonder what younger folks really think about you. 


A Word About My Elders


Tonight we went to a funeral home for visitation of a lady from church who passed away yesterday. This woman had a sweet, sweet spirit about her. She was faithful to Christ and our congregation. Pat will be missed.

One thing I never get used to is saying farewell to older folks who have meant a lot to me over the years. It was those people who accepted me when my peers didn’t. They showed me kindness, grace, love and respect. I appreciate each of them for the lessons they taught me.

So many great people have passed on over the years and as in life it will continue to happen. I will be spending more time saying farewell to these amazing people. The pain is a price for loving them.

Friends, older folks offer life experience that we all can learn from. Their stories of life, faith, fun and struggle remind us that we are all connected.

As a believer I know one day I will see them again and for that I have comfort. I will always have respect and reverence for my elders.