Good Sunday, Good People


Howdy everyone I hope you have a great day today. May you all have a time of peace and fun before the work week begins. Grace and peace to you all. 

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A meditation


May we have a peace today that brings people together and to make the future better for all people. God thank you for your grace now and forever more. On this Sunday may love be order of our lives.

Beating Us Up, Give Yourself A Break


I beat myself up about stupid stuff I do or stupid things I say. When I screw up I am always the first to hate myself. Partly its disappointing my family and friends while other times its disappointing me. I work at being better but I am a serious work in progress.

When others beat themselves up I think there is no reason too pile on. Sometimes there is a need to have some tough love but otherwise its about grace, peace and forgiveness of self and others. Life is too short to put yourself down like I do and we are better than we think.

Give yourself a break and others too. Be willing to have reconciliation with yourself and others. Be generous with your spirit and be kind to yourself. You make a mistake, learn from it, move on.