On this day know that you are loved and liked. You are special and make the world better. Grace and peace good people.


Beating Us Up, Give Yourself A Break


I beat myself up about stupid stuff I do or stupid things I say. When I screw up I am always the first to hate myself. Partly its disappointing my family and friends while other times its disappointing me. I work at being better but I am a serious work in progress.

When others beat themselves up I think there is no reason too pile on. Sometimes there is a need to have some tough love but otherwise its about grace, peace and forgiveness of self and others. Life is too short to put yourself down like I do and we are better than we think.

Give yourself a break and others too. Be willing to have reconciliation with yourself and others. Be generous with your spirit and be kind to yourself. You make a mistake, learn from it, move on.