So the Mayor of Chattanooga tweets about Valentines day in the city. I respond with how busy it was and the trouble finding parking. He responds saying he loves to see the city packed with people. Anytime your cities mayor responds on social media its awesome. This is pretty cool!


Rambling About un-Valentine’s


Love begins sometimes with yourself. If you find yourself alone or without attachments this valentine’s day go do something fun and be with people you like. Not everyone will have a sweetheart to spend time with. Romance is a lot of fun but sometimes you should set that aside for a season and learn what it is to love yourself more. 

Embrace how special you are. I have had a valentine for the last 16 years but before then it was a long dry spell for me during Valentine’s day. Spend time with others who are in the same situation. Declare your love for your group of friends and be good to yourself. Prepare yourselves for the next season of romance you will have, you never know when that will be. 


Winter’s Tale, Simply Magical…

This was our valentines movie for this year and it was a great flick. Colin Farrell and Jessica Brown-Findlay light up the screen in this love story that spans time. It’s also a story of redemption, good vs. evil and miracles. Russell Crowe is as bad as he has ever been in this movie. Jennifer Connelly is also great too.

A theme of this movie is that we are all have the opportunity to do great things in this world so that we can one day be stars in the heavens. It sounds cliche but in this case why wouldn’t we want to be that some day.

The movie was beautifully shot and performed. It’s a movie well worth the price of admission. Go check it out.