Sunday’s Rituals


We love Sundays. There are some rituals we have that make it special. Sharing time with each other is important to our marriage.

The things we love to do on Sundays are:

  • Breakfast. Either at home or out with friends.
  • Church. Spending time with God and our spiritual familiy.
  • Grocery Store. Sometimes we have to go there to eat Sunday dinner.
  • Saturday Night Live. Or as we call it Sunday Afternoon Recorded
  • Sunday Dinner. We like to have a nice dinner on our own or with our family or with friends after church.
  • Sunday Evening TV. Programs on PBS, ABC and sometimes BBC America.
  • Preparing For The Week Ahead. Psyching ourselves up for Monday morning.

We enjoy days like these. It is a spiritual thing that keeps us tied to one another, our family and our friends.


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