To My Newest Followers


I do a lot of original posts on my blog. My posts are about the things I enjoy and have a passion for. I don’t do a lot of reblogs. A good number of posts will be about my life, matters of faith, culture, politics, the community where I live and social concerns. I will blog about fun stuff like media and select fandom things on occasion.

My view is that we need more original material in the blogosphere. Tumblr is a great community of creative people and I hope I am a small part of that.




I don’t mind profanity, I use it on occasion but you won’t see me using it in my posts, it’s not my style. It’s a personal decision to drop a four-letter word or two in conversation or in blogging. Sometimes you have to cuss up a storm because its the only way to deal with life’s situations. For me I want to try to do something different. Using profanity in a smart way can be more compelling than when one just cusses because they can.

I Support People With A Voice


I won’t always agree with 100% of what’s said by fellow bloggers but if they post something original and from their hearts I will always support them. There are voices that must be heard and I encourage people who want to have a conversation about things that are of great value to the world. We need those people to challenge us and to create something new. Keep on blogging my friends.

Follow That Blog…I Hope You Don’t Mind


Every relationship I have through blogging has come about because I followed a blog first and got to know someone through their posts. People have followed me back in the same manner. However when you follow a blog sometimes it feels like you are being nosy and that sort of thing. You just have to get past that.

Some bloggers want to share and express with the world everything in their head and on their heart, while others would rather just blog for themselves. It’s a personal preference on how many people you want to see your posts. 

Tumblr has created a platform that is in itself a social network through its dashboard where you see the blogs and posts of people who you follow. Some people choose to be personal, creative and original while others just want to reblog everything in sight. There’s room for both. Although I like a blog where I get to know a little about the blogger, its just more interesting if you ask me. 

I believe in the social element of blogging, its a great way to learn about things you didn’t know existed and to see life through other peoples eyes. No two people are alike. There is incredible diversity in blogging. You have to have an open mind on Tumblr and other sites like it. 

I hope you don’t mind if I follow you. It’s OK to follow me.